Animals | February 12, 2022 2:54 AM | Alisa

7 unbelievable animals that saved other animals

I once witnessed a bear saving a fish from drowning in a river. Nature is amazing. Omg, That cute deer was in complete shock after he survived from the loin. He never imagined he will be saved.

That hippo wasn’t saving anyone, It was just being how it is, Extremely territorial, He is even chasing the deer away. Very impressive how calm yet very intimidating these Baboons have been. Imagine being drowning and at some point noticing a pig in the distance coming to save you.

The hippo was like, How dare you get eaten by a crocodile in my territory?!. The bear was thinking first to eat then he thought no I’m on Diet. I love how the bear went back to eating like nothing to see here, Just minding my own business.

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