Nature | February 9, 2022 4:45 AM | Alisa

The tyrant of the deep – The green planet

Giant water lilies clear competition from the water’s surface by wielding their buds like a club. Once clear, They claim their space and grow up to 20cm a day. Their leaves can measure around 2m across, Blocking out the light from anything below the surface.

When I’ve been lost in thought about what kind of alien species might exist out there in the universe, I’ve found myself wondering if there might be species out there that we might completely miss or misunderstand because they either live far faster or far slower than we do – throwing off our intuitions.

In a way, Plants are kind of like this. Time lapses show them in a totally different light. In real-time, They might as well be inanimate objects to us. But time-lapses show almost animalistic qualities at times.

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