Porcupine | January 20, 2022 9:35 PM | Alisa

When they attack the porcupine

Getting hurt by a porcupine shouldn’t hurt that bad, but hearing the narrator say “those dogs” was just too cruel. Porcupine has one of the best defences, if it weren’t for that they would be straightforward prey..they are slow.

I’m seeing people in the comments saying they have to kill the porcupines, but it’s not their fault, it’s the animals that decide to attack them. Really all animals that attack porcupines get sick.

The third is not a leopard but a jaguar, the spots are very different. and that one is a little Brazilian thorn. Guys, a porcupine appeared here in my backyard. I’ll see if he reappears in the morning, rescue and plays in the woods.

The thorn is like two saws to cut wood, one unlike the other on one side, it advances into the flesh and the other side does not let it return, like a hook, depending on whether it takes the mouth or organs, death is inevitable.

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