Snake | February 8, 2022 5:38 AM | Alisa

Impala baby tries escaping python & hyena

This is the incredible moment an impala lamb was hunted and caught by a python and then stolen by an opportunistic hyena. Everyone was on their best behavior for the new year. The hyena was docile and even had a nice haircut. The snake, mother, and baby impala were all polite and respectful.

It is quite satisfying to see how cautious the hyena is of the snake. But the snake was smart to not go all-in to the end, Just in case the hyena suddenly got brave.

I just find it interesting how every animal (except the honey badger, of course) seems to naturally be cautious of snakes. You can clearly see how careful the hyena is when around the serpent and doesn’t rush in as would with other animals. An inner instinct perhaps in every living thing that a slithering reptile may very well be your ticket to the afterlife.

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