Snake | February 8, 2022 3:30 AM | Alisa

The clash between a baby meerkat and Cape cobra sparks assault

In the Kalahari Desert, a baby meerkat comes face to face with a Cape cobra. This triggers the response of his whole family. The spirit of unity, of solidarity, of mutual aid, of love, and of the spirit of responsibility, of honor. You animals are very intelligent and wise better than the let’s say the men.

Meerkats are extremely intelligent and have an organization close to ours. Let us add that they are partially bipedal. It is probably one of the species most likely to evolve even more in a few millennia unless humans destroy their environment first.

The cobra is a magnificent creature of infinite nobility, capable of standing up to even an elephant! The pharaohs admired them very much. Why do you film them fighting why can’t you disperse them instead of filming them as men?.

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