Snake | February 4, 2022 11:43 AM | Alisa

Incredible snake extreme modern farm

Poor little calves take them away from their mothers and throw their milk so unhappy this evil that we humans have, we are sewers without feelings, how sad to see so much evil.

Be careful I saw two snakes, while they ate, take care of them the cows are beautiful they are a blessing with everything they give us, of course, the Mechanical Advance a Wonder.

But this snake I drop the cow give me the snake dies in the woods she saw from cows, not snakes we live from cows, not snakes.

Mother cows are calling for their calves which are fed separately, And why are these calves here? Obal, walk-on milk, there are so many countries that can’t find milk to drink, they spill it and walk on it.

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