Snake | February 2, 2022 9:45 AM | Alisa

Best Moments of 2021!

My grandson has autism and he’s nonverbal. But he found Jay and man he just laughs hard when the snake tries to get him man he watches it over and over and just laughs. Thanks, Jay for giving my grandson joy.

I think this family enjoys these efforts a great deal. It is nice to see conservators who try to keep these types of snakes and alligators alive. They may be the key to ensuring a future. I could not do it at my age, but congratulations to them all.

It’s just nice to see someone happy at their dream job! and because you’re happy, so are all of us viewers! Thank you for such an interesting, fun, and educational video, sir!. Shoutout to how brave the cameraman is. The snake could turn around any second and I believe the cameraman is just right there.

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