Snake | February 2, 2022 5:27 AM | Alisa

Mucurana snake hunting Jararaca

And that’s right, Don’t kill the snakes! do Like the king Saving the serpents, Share the King’s videos To let more people know! The Black Snake does not attack! do like me! I downloaded the King Videos and where I go I sample and explain! That these beautiful animals do not attack! Thanks.

Nature is very beautiful, too bad some people don’t understand how important it is to take care of the fauna and flora. Congratulations Harold, you do an excellent job, The mucuna is in fact super useful to man, As they eliminate snakes that are responsible for the death of dozens of people every year. Congratulations on the video; interesting and instructive!.

I just wanted to make a small correction. The Mussurana has no poison or venom. It cuts off the snakes’ circulation and by biting them again and again, the prey gets tired. Then the Musurana swallows them alive.

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