Snake | February 1, 2022 5:40 PM | Alisa

An anaconda devours a huge prey

The anaconda is known to be the heaviest snake in the world. It can measure about 7 meters and weigh more than 136 kilograms. To support so much volume, these animals spend most of their time in and around the water.

These snakes wait for their prey to approach them. The eyes and nostrils remain above the water, unlike the rest of the body, which remains submerged to hide its large volume.

Capybaras spend a lot of time near water, the anaconda’s main hunting ground. It will attack with its six rows of teeth and wrap its tail around the animal, causing it to go into cardiac arrest and leaving it with no escape to devour it in one piece, right away.

It is impressive The work of the cameramen to even get Underwater Shots when the anaconda goes in search of its Prey.

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