Snake | February 1, 2022 12:39 PM | Alisa

Giant Nile Crocodile Swamp King Fights Giant Python Anaconda For Life

Those are not Nile crocodiles. They are Kaman/Alligators. Anacondas don’t live in the Nile. They live in the Amazon River basin. Eating a large crocodile whole or even a porcupine is absolutely ridiculous. Anacondas and Pythons are just crazy.

There’s no such thing as a giant python anaconda. Two different species, both both are deadly. Increíble el instinto del ser humano. No se qué es peor. Si el que mata para sobrevivir o el que se queda viendo cómo se extingue la vida.

This is not a Nile crocodile if a Nile croc face-to-face Anaconda. I think..the situation is different. These people! Show alligators, anacondas, pythons, crocodiles and animals that don’t even live on the same continent! Watched for 10 seconds, making a comment.

still looking for the giant croc and python fight, , didn’t show what you said. I’m not even gonna watch this because I know there are no anacondas on the Nile river. Python and Anaconda are the same snakes but different species. Anacondas are bigger than pythons. Please post your captions responsibly.

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