Animals | January 30, 2022 2:38 AM | Alisa

Lynx in action – Lynx against snake, deer, coyote

At first glance, The lynx may seem lazy, But in fact, It is a ruthless predator, Which first of all tries to bite its victim’s throat. This is a lynx in action and new attacks that you probably haven’t seen yet! Twinkle has selected for you the best moments of battles and attacks of a predatory cat named lynx.

This aggressive predator will definitely surprise you with its bloodlust, and some moments are so crazy that it’s hard to believe in the reality of what is happening!.

Interesting and at the same time dangerous cats, thanks for the new and fresh video compilation!. I live near the highest bobcat population in the world, though I have seen one.

They feed mainly on deer faun populations, on an Island in South Carolina, that have gone out of control. So they basically provide a service to nature where human development has offset the balance.

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