Snake | January 27, 2022 2:36 AM | Alisa

Chickens surround the snake

I’m Angolan, and I was delighted to watch this movie depicting a slice of Angolan animal life, Excellent Soon, I will have mine, Which even my wife finds noisy, Given that I will live in 900 square meters, I suppose I will have at least four, And I will return to my youth!.

It’s extremely wonderful when she lays her eggs for the chickens to hatch, As they start to grow, The hen nearly flips out with them, screams, And begins to soar over them.

Sensational to have this memory, I remember when my mother laid the eggs to hatch I would count my fingers so that the days go by fast for us to see the chicks, They were beautiful to see, They grew and swooped in the pasture.

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