Lion | January 20, 2022 12:27 PM | Alisa

He challenges a lion with a roll of toilet paper

He was covered with footage of the filming of all that action shown to viewers, obviously surrounding him were many protectors on guard for his endangered life with the lion. But maybe they set about all this up knowing that the situation was well under control. No sane person is going to risk their life this way.

He was lucky because the lion was not hungry, if he continues to play with wild animals like that one day he will end up in a lion’s mouth. Let’s be clear, if Mike had ended up in a sandwich, the video wouldn’t be on youtube.

The only question therefore that remains is, Why? Behavioral scientific experiment?. No, because if it’s just “like that, to pass the time”, well on the one hand it’s stupid, and it’s even more stupid to publish it You want to create one-legged vocations?.

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