Buffalo | January 26, 2022 2:53 PM | Alisa

A buffalo was killed by lions

Ranger Mike shares some of his videos of lion kills as well as his thoughts on the ‘nature of a kill’.

For all those who wanted to come to MalaMala but cannot, we’d like to bring MalaMala to you, In the coming weeks, we’ll endeavor to share with you everything from game drives to fieldwork, Basically, what rangers do when we don’t have guests, Enjoy and stay safe.

Thank God for those lions who have stopped that buffalo from slaughtering thousands of grass blades per day, It seems as these documentary filmmakers never care about the demise of the vegetation that the evil herbivores destroy with reckless abandon on a daily basis.

I believe that “All Lives Matter.” The world’s governments should fund a vegetation relocation program to re-locate some of these innocent grasslands to a more inclusive and safer community!.

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