Snake | January 26, 2022 11:54 AM | Alisa

How the great snakes hunt

The natural cycle is spectacular, smaller snakes eat rodents and small lizards, the opossum eats the smaller snakes and the boa constrictor eats the opossum, thus maintaining the balance, That’s why we have to preserve it, nature knows what it’s doing.

I think the day I have somewhere with someone and a snake appears and the person wants to kill I don’t let it, I do everything to not kill, Thanks to the king of snakes I lost my fear of snakes, Thank you very much, King! you are cool.

Just yourself King of the snakes to present us with a video like this! What a beautiful animal, Huge 3mts easily! And what a moment you caught, awesome! Big hug, Waiting for the next first-rate content to come!.

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