Snake | January 24, 2022 3:15 PM | Alisa

Python Devours Goat Whole

They could have at least filmed what the dam snake looked like after it ate it! Now how in the hell are we to know what we are looking at when we see a snake with a huge bump in it?.

I really wanted to see how it looked! Where are the legs sticking straight out? That would have been priceless! Ok, who’s going over there to train them on how to film such things?.

I need to see it to believe that it actually ate the entire thing, I can’t imagine that it was actually able to get the whole goat down, They should have shown the snake after it ate it.

No way that snake was going to swallow that goat, what was it thinking that the goat’s midsection was simply too large, we never witnessed the whole vid because it couldn’t swallow it.

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