Snake | January 24, 2022 7:54 AM | Alisa

Yellow Mongoose vs Cape Cobra

I had watched this yellow mongoose the day before moving around and checking under all the stones. The next day he was back and I had my cell phone with me so I started a video, well to my surprise the Cape Cobra appeared, and what incredible interaction between the two, one brave little mongoose.

The ability of the mongoose to quickly move backwards is just amazing. Love how the mongoose has a snake right in front of it ready to strike & still has enough confidence to make sure this is all being recorded. This is the cycle. Cobra fears the mongoose, mongoose fears the cameraman and the cameraman fears the cobra.

I hope ppl appreciate just how intelligent these creatures are. With persistence, the mongoose baited and harassed the cobra out of the corner into an open space where it had the advantage. The reflexes are impressive, but its strategy of luring the snake was more impressive.

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