News | September 17, 2023 2:07 AM | Alisa

A baby who was separated during bath time was attempted to be rescued by an elephant

While the herd was swimming in the river at Elephant Nature Park, baby Yindee became separated from the pack because of the power of the river his nanny Ponsawan tried to rescue him and bring him back to the herd.

She pushed Yindee from behind to make sure he would not be separated from the herd again. She tried her best to rescue Yindee by pushing him with her two front legs and always standing behind him. Finally, she brought Yindee back to the herd This is love between elephant and elephant.

That’s beautiful, I love the way they care about each other, humans could learn a lot from them. Thanks for posting such a lovely video. This is why I love elephants their bonds to the herd are so strong. I am glad the baby was saved. We as people can learn from this experience.

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