Buffalo | August 26, 2023 2:54 AM | Alisa

A newborn buffalo’s fate after the lions killed his mother at the Masai Mara Kenya

I’m always amazed at mother instinct. Fight to the death for their babies, which is common in the animal kingdom. She fort hard and well. That truly was a video worth watching damn good job and yes it is the way of things in the wildlife world.

One of the most epic wildlife videos that I’ve come across. I think the lioness that stuck to the horn caused the mother to tire and give up. Otherwise, she would’ve survived. But the baby’s fate was decided as soon as the lions spotted them.

Although it was hard to watch I’m very impressed with how the mother took the baby, to her cubs, for practice as she watched. Like they were at soccer practice or something lol wow, great mom. That’s impressive.

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