Fish | January 23, 2022 3:59 PM | Alisa

The spectacular sight of cooperative feeding by humpback whales

I know that I am quite a bit more than two years late, but having gone to Alaska myself recently and being able to witness and record this magnificent display of teamwork that these whales display is absolutely breathtaking.

The amount of skill that these whales need to have in order to work cohesively in this team is simply astonishing. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get to see this happen in person.

Our group got to watch a group of 11 humpback whales bubble-net feeding on a whale watching tour in Juneau, Alaska, in August 2016. It was awesome! If the video says “This is the only place where they feed this way,” then this must have been shot there.

Our tour guide said that this is a learned behavior, and only 400 of the 10,000 living humpback whales have learned it so far. They did this about every 10 minutes for the hour we were there.

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