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The frog does incredible things to protect its offspring

Do you love frogs? Well, it’s your lucky day! To celebrate World Frog Day, we’ll take you all over the world to get a close look at how frogs of all colors, shapes, and sizes survive out in the wild.

From their herbivorous beginnings as tadpoles to their epic transformation into adult frogs, these amphibians really go through a lot in a short amount of time. Ever heard of a Cape rain frog, hailing from South Africa? Have you ever seen a giant bullfrog eat a snake? And do you know anything about the golden poison dart frog, one of the deadliest creatures on Earth?.

We’ve got all that and more, There are so many fun facts to learn about these incredible creatures, and it’s important to take an interest, especially right now, Though there are 6000+ species of frogs in the world, the IUCN lists 466 of them as critically endangered.

Due to climate change and the spread of chytrid fungus, we are getting closer and closer to seeing these beautiful creatures disappearing forever, This week’s piece is genuinely rabbeting and as always this wildlife and nature documentary is all shot in 4K.

Save the animals today! Make a stand to save them if you see a hurt animal take it to a vet, And if you see a lost animal contact Hope for Paws they love to help animals in need! Or donate to a local animal shelter and help save those endangered animals help save them today!.

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