Animals | April 14, 2023 8:06 AM | Alisa

TOP 50 DEATH STRIKESa!!! KEEP YOUR BREATH!!! Great boar hunt, unforgettable scenes

I have no idea about boar hunting at all; we don’t have such animals here on the island of Newfoundland, but I watch a lot of the boar hunting channels and, yours is fantastic. Your dogs are incredible…very intelligent and experienced…they know when and where to stay behind the boars because they know for absolute certainty that you are going to shoot.

The boars you have there are massive, mean nasty looking brutes. Idea: to get more of them quickly, because indeed they breed as fast as rats…probably even faster than you can kill them, maybe set up big robust pens to capture them…then annihilate them, just like the guy on YouTube in Australia does…?.

You guys are awesome to watch. I love the one shot one kill nearly every time. Would love to hang out on a hunt like that just to see it in person. Thanks for the great videos.

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