Monkey | January 23, 2022 9:20 AM | Alisa

After the baboon’s mother dies, the baby baboon treats the leopard-like it’s the mother

Baboons live in groups that gather males and females of all ages. This troop of baboons has taken up residence here in one of the most extensive jungles in the east-south of Africa.

I have been wondering, Would the baby baboon really survive? what would the leopard feed the baby baboon? A lot is going on in my mind. This female leopard takes advantage of the isolation of one of them to show off her courage and influence.

Apparently, that leopard was grown by the baboon. So it was just returning the favor but the mother wanted to interfere because that leopard refused to sign the adoption papers.

Strange behaviour! typically leopards use Babies as bait to attract larger prey (mom). But this seems too long the leopard is keeping the baby. Maybe some instincts.

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