Snake | April 4, 2023 10:18 AM | Alisa

Huge Python Eating Possum!

Wow, isn’t this incredible! I am currently here at a home in Mooloolaba waiting for this Large Carpet Python to finish his yummy meal of a possum. Nature taking its course, and the best you can be is a spectator. Respect for releasing the python back to the wild. That’s amazing! I keep Canadian captive-bred coastal, they’re amazing animals, just heavily food responsive.

That’s an awfully big monster to be dangling off the roof eating a possum, it takes a lot of strength to do that !!! I hope you don’t have any kids running around Jeezzz summer! I’m grateful this guy didn’t try interfering with nature by saving the possum. Predators play an important role and control the populations of other animals. And, what right do we have to stop other animals from eating especially considering we eat other animals too?

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