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This Big Snake Catches Birds in Coconut Trees Then Takes Them Down to Prey

A snake crawling up a coconut tree preying on a bird!

A snake crawls up a coconut tree. A large snake with black scales hunts a bird in a coconut tree. This snake managed to catch a bird. The bird did not move from being carried away in a snake bite.

This video is of a large snake catching birds in a coconut tree. In the continuation of the video, the snake is seen trying to bring down its prey from a coconut tree. At first glance, it appears that another bird attacks this snake.

However, the snake moves nimbly. This snake wraps its body around the coconut trunk so it doesn’t fall. This snake also bites the prey bird tightly. Birds that fall prey to the caterpillar seem helpless. The bird seems to have lost its life poisoned by snake venom. These birds are easy prey for snakes.

Finally, this snake also succeeded in bringing its prey to the mainland. It seems that this snake is moving along the path on the edge of the forest. On land, this snake rushes into the bushes.

The way the snake climbs is called the “lasso move”. Generally, the snake will coil its body in a cylindrical structure, gripping it tightly like a rope coiled from body to tail.

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