Snake | November 22, 2022 10:26 AM | Alisa

A group of young people saw a giant snake crossing the road and ran away

Those who are reading the comments with their lovely eyes, God bless their parents for a long life. Snake thinking like, I am filmy give me some makeup. It. is not a cobra but a giant wiper. Is it?.

Be careful with him, otherwise, he will devour you and not choke. Uncle Thien vlog, Uncle Thien and Uncle Dang and Uncle Dang Chien need to be careful I love Uncle Thien and I love Uncle Thu and I love Uncle Dang Chien too, Uncle Thien.

The old screen again. In the countryside now, not even the sponge is left, let alone the python. Anh Thien and Anh Thu and Anh fight more closely.

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