Animals | January 23, 2022 2:45 AM | Alisa

Striped mongooses are the real gangsters of Africa! Tear snakes apart and steal food!

Surviving among the many large predators is not easy, but these animals have managed to occupy vast territories and adapt to the most difficult conditions! They have dexterity, cunning, developed reflexes, and, most importantly, a team spirit in their arsenal, so even an incredibly poisonous cobra is not a hindrance for them! Meet the striped mongooses!.

A gang of striped mongooses brought me back almost a quarter of a century ago, and reminded me of our first squad in the camp)) young, dexterous, cunning)) they dumped the territory quickly and unnoticed) they Nightmarized the village gardens and forest belt for the presence of the gifts of nature) exceptional team spirit and coherence actions made it possible to return to the corps unnoticed, but with prey, which was generously shared with our human females)), they avoided local conflicts. cobras in our latitudes are found only in zoos, but eels were caught in Lake Naroch).

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