Snake | November 4, 2022 12:44 AM | Alisa

Mother and daughter ran away when they discovered a 200kg giant snake crawling across the road

I don’t know who gave the heading king cobra. It’s a python’s second largest species of the snake after anaconda and the longest species of snake. Mostly it looks like a Burmese python or an Indian Rock python. Which is nonvenomous. Pythons rarely bite but strangulate their prey to death. So it is far safer to deal with a python than a king cobra or a black mamba or an inland taipan.

This video looks set, why do I say that, because if the snake has a wild snake when caught, the snake will definitely be violent and fight back. Hmm. But it’s okay if it’s just to entertain, it’s quite entertaining, keep being creative and working friends.

What amazement of these people! A giant snake! Let’s see the monstrosity wow! Mercy is a lot of courage to put that hand there in this hole. I wanted to see the result of this video! What madness is this! Caught the snake! My God! Have you ever thought if ala gives the boat? They play with the snake that my crazy.

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