Snake | October 26, 2022 10:35 AM | Alisa

Unexpected encounters with snakes caught on video!

I’m not at all afraid of rats or mice, but snakes just give me goosebumps, even picking up a harmless snake was dumb. Respect to the guy who immediately took the little boy.

I’m lucky with snakes when I was a teenager and walked down the street carrying two buckets of water and at that time a viper crawled out of the grass and crawled right in my direction, I heard that if you don’t move, then the snake won’t touch you, I did, I stood still and the viper crawled right over my legs and left as if nothing had happened.

And a couple of years ago, a snake crawled into our apartment on the fourth floor, my husband didn’t see it in the dark and stepped on it, and when he felt that something was moving under him, and turned on the light.

He saw a snake 1.5 meters away, she was frightened she quickly crawled into the bathroom and we didn’t see her again, we were afraid to go to the toilet for half a year, maybe she disappeared through the sewer. But this scared us a lot, since we have two small children, and it’s good that she didn’t bite anyone.

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