Monkey | September 11, 2022 12:07 AM | Alisa

Pipi’s sister’s affectionate cheeks bring the cat together

Poor monkeys must have had their hands tied behind their backs for so long before they learned to jump on two legs, I can’t even imagine the intense and continuous pain they must be in. This man is a miserable animal abuser they can’t even feed themselves because of the difficulty in putting their hands to their mouths.

I feel bad for them having to walk on two legs. That hurts their backs in the long run. That isn’t natural that is being trained to stand. If they sit they would have punishment. That is why they stand now because they were taught that if you walk on 4 legs instead of two you will be punished.

There is something strange about the monkeys with front paws. It seems that they don’t know how to use them. Even when one of the monkeys jumped, it landed on the muzzle, not the front legs. What could it be? The owner trained them to walk on the hind legs and kept the front legs constantly connected.

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