Snake | January 23, 2022 2:23 AM | Alisa

There is a stir in the whole district, Only snakes must be seen inside the house

This was unbelievable! 43 babies from two cobra mothers, all in one house! Certainly, someone would have been bitten and maybe died, had they not called Mirza to come and remove the snakes from the home.

The lady said babies were seen coming out of the holes at night when the people were sleeping, Thank God they called Mirza to come and help them! Excellent job, Mirza!.

That looked like punishing, hard work – 8 hours digging to find the baby snakes in that heat! The family was so fortunate that they were able to call you for help.

Is that the largest number of baby snakes that you have rescued in one visit? Well done Mirza and great work to the cameraman too, great footage of the snakes! Take care, Vox.

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