Cow | September 3, 2022 5:35 AM | Alisa

He decided to save the cattle from the Sucuri attack and the worst happened!

Congratulations to the owner! With all due respect to everyone, between the bizarre and the snake, I choose the calf! Here in the Amazon I almost don’t see it! The problem is when they get big and hungry.

So friends I want to see if anyone will stay close to them! Who lives in the middle of the woods is one of these approaches, he has to choose, leave her there with her children or try to believe that she won’t do anything.

Congratulations to this man who saved the poor calf, imagine his fear that he was going to die little by little and even more suffocated. Not defending a calf from these venomous ones is horrible, the worst thing is laughing when you are filming such a sad and shocking image.

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