Snake | September 2, 2022 11:00 AM | Alisa

9 Biggest Snakes ever caught

It is a very rare documentary and useful to gain knowledge about “Snake”. Thank you to the team and all involved. Everyone, in the presentation, let’s see. The information is pretty good, but the pictures are a bit blurry. Some images are of pythons. Say it’s an Indian python, a cobra, say it’s a king cobra It’s still very messed up.

The first one is a python. inhabitants of Asia But in the clip that says Dominica Yui on Twitter to receive I think the first one should be more Indonesian. Indian python, but in the clip, it’s mostly pythons, when you kick it, it’s a python, not a python. Look at the pattern carefully.

200 types are not many, haha. For those who are afraid of snakes like me, come to this place. Number 9 looks like a python and looks more prominent in many ranks. The first clip is a different snake. The one that is being picked up in the car is in Malaysia.

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