Monkey | August 31, 2022 2:15 AM | Alisa

Help pregnant young monkey was terrible bites attacked by king monkey She screams by deep hurt

They do this to the young females and make them submit. So they teach them it’s easier to just give it up. Because if you watch the older females they just submit immediately as if to just get rid of the males. hope she was okay, she’s heavily pregnant. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t having contractions.

This right here is why he needs to be put down She’s pregnant and not even in Estrus and he’s still raping her over and over. I’ll be surprised. if she doesn’t miscarry her baby. Poor thing, he makes me so angry. They put some of the males down for killing females by raping them for so long, like two, to three days.

Okay, I read somewhere where the males know when a female is ready to mate again. If she’s already pregnant, why would she not show, in some way, that she is not now in season? Or is he just wanting to get his groove on?.

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