Snake | January 23, 2022 2:16 AM | Alisa

Even cobras are afraid of him! the gray monitor is the fearless king of the desert!

Impressive size, massive body, and a set of sharp teeth are only a small part of the attributes of a predator destined to survive in the harsh deserts.

Add perseverance, fearlessness, and aggressive disposition to them, and here we are faced with the real king of the desert, who copes with the most poisonous snakes and is not even afraid of humans! Happy viewing!.

If you visually remove the legs, then it is very similar to a snake, and somewhat resembles a crocodile, probably the Almighty created a monitor lizard from the remaining parts of these animals. People occupy all the places on earth! Well damn, it’s hot! Where do animals and birds live? This is a problem!.

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